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Serendip Vol 3 no 4 NEW Current Issue

Sri Lanka e-update 22 July 2014AD
Greetings from Sri Lanka in our Lord Jesus Christ!
Attached above is the July 2014 edition of our newsletter, Serendip Vol 3 no 4.

Read and publish and pass along, please.
It's been over seven months now in Asia, January to May in India and now May to July in Sri Lanka. Thanks be to God. It has taken a while, but I have found a nice apartment in Colombo, with a good view of the Indian Ocean and the sea breeze making AC unnecessary most of the time. Amy, John, and Eli have returned to the States and I will be returning also in less than a week, for a bit of vacation and to marry of my eldest. Then Amy, Eli, and I return the end of August. Before returning we will be seeing John off to college. In September things really begin to warm up--not weather wise--but work wise. That's when I will begin classes with the pastors and vicars (and laity, as I have opportunity). So far it has mostly been preparation and getting familiar with the people and places. I will give you more details in September.
Until then, Peace in Christ, REV. ROGER B. JAMES Missionary Pastor, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka e-update 13 February 2014

Dear One & All,

Attached at the end of this email is the most recent e-newsletter about our work. I hope
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Thank you and

Peace in Christ,

Roger/Pastor James

Sri Lanka e-update 13 January 2014

Day two in India... I think. [Actually, now that I am sending this it is day four or so.]

It is hard to keep the days and hours straight at this point. 
I only remember that we arrived late Saturday night, which was the eleventh, right?  Thanks to kind, helpful people our trip went without much difficulty, although we were several hours late.
I confess that my nerves were bordering on frazzled as our arrival in Chennai drew nearer.  All sorts of questions.  Will my card work in the ATM?  Will there even be an ATM?  Will they want some sort of official letter to get through immigration? (I had unthinkingly packed some of my documents into checked baggage in Chicago because our carry on was too heavy.)  Would Mr Ravi (LCMS Field Officer) find us? What do I do if he doesn't?
But we made it. We got through immigration with no hassles. We got all of our bags with no apparent damage. And then, one of the most remarkable sensations of relief I have ever experienced: seeing Mr Ravi in person for the first time, approaching with a friendly smile, outstretched arms, and welcoming, bass voice, and with him a new colleague, Pastor Eden, with the same ingenuous hospitality.  My family was safe. We were with friends. We were with brothers in Christ who would help us. Thanks be to God!
The next day we went off to church: St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church, where Pr. R. Mohan asked me to preach for the Baptism of Our Lord.  
Pictured directly above, Mr. Ravi, Amy, and I being honored by the congregation, attended by Pr. Mohan and one of his flock. John & Eli were also adorned with shawls.
Perhaps you know the tradition that Thomas brought the Gospel to India and was martyred and interred here in Chennai.  Today [Monday 13th], in fact, Amy, John, Eli, and I (with Mr. Ravi and Pr. Eden) went to the hilltop shrine marking where he was martyred and then later to the basilica along the seaside that bears his name and holds his tomb.
Here we are in San Thome Basilica.
But wait, perhaps you are thinking, "India? I thought they were going to Sri Lanka!" So in cased you missed it, we are still set on going to Sri Lanka, God willing, but at this point we are in India for a number of months in order to study the Tamil language.
Well, I keep delaying sending this.  I wish I had some wise and inspiring devotional words to add, but perhaps the best words are simply "Thanks be to God!"
Thanks be to God for bringing us here safely.
Thanks be to God for new colleagues in our Lord.
Thanks be to God for a comfortable home.
Thanks be to God for you family, friends, co-workers, supporters.
We pray that you also may join in our thanksgivings.
Especially for our Lord Jesus Christ and His mercy and love for the world.

Rev. Roger B. James
Acting Area Director--South Asia
Office of International Mission
The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
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